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Why doesn’t my favorite coffee shop showing up in my CoffeeFast search?

CoffeeFast relies on Yelp’s services to find local coffee shops. If a shop is missing from your results, it may be because Yelp doesn’t know about it, or because it doesn’t have a sufficient number of reviews to be returned by Yelp’s services. If you think there’s a problem with your results, please use the form below and include your location and what is wrong, and we’ll look into it.

CoffeeFast is showing all distances in imperial units, and I want metric (or vice versa)!

CoffeeFast uses your mobile device’s location setting to determine which units to display, so the units should be correct for the vast majority of users. There is no way to change this setting within CoffeeFast, but you can always change your device’s location. If enough users request the ability to change this within the app, we may add that as a feature in a future update.

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